Wolf-SZ Digital Press

Wolf-SZ Digital Press

Ideal for Printing on Demand applications Express 440E Color Inkjet Press
Wolf-SZ Digital Press

Wolf’s 440E is a multi-purpose Inkjet Printer that can be used for Books and Statement printing. It is built around Epson’s Piezo head technology and capable of speeds up to 65mm per minute. 

Wolf’s 440E comes with a roll-fed mechanism as standard, allowing paper substrates of different sizes to come in and capable of turning it into cut sheet paper on output. This way it will help to keep the press non stop printing and reduce the complex hardware requirement to turn it into a book form. It is most popular amongst all the Print-on-demand operations or quick print shops. 

Wolf’s Press comes with a high-performance Compose Express RIP as standard. The RIP will not only be reliable and performs better than others in the market, it can also provide accurate color management and the best screening technology available for Inkjet Printing. We can profile our press to meet any of the international color standards. Our print quality is better than most of the digital press in the market. 

Compose has a suite of prepress applications which can complement the machine to meet the high productivity requirement. We have a popular book imposition solution, called Smart Impose which can automatically turn imposition into different layouts to suit the media on the machine at the time. It will help to reduce the time wasted on changing paper or resetting the imposition layout. 

Variable data printing is available for labels and books, making it possible to print on demand for many different applications in one machine.

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