Our RIP solution supports Book Printing, Labels, Clear Varnish and Gold Foiling machines

We work closely with our customers

We like to work closely with our customers to build them an unique application to meet their market expectation. Below, we like to introduce a small collection of these printers to demonstrate our unique capabilities.

If you have any special interest, please get in touch with us. We will be delighted to offer our assistance. like 

Express Audley 2070-2

Express Audley 2070-2

With exceptional print quality and performance, the Audley 5020 is ideal for Proof printing. It is based on a double Epson i3200 print head, pigment ink, printing speed at 36 sq meter in an hour as a standard, we can assure you getting an accurate print at all time.

Express JM1300

A high speed Color inkjet using two Epson i3200 heads in CMYK, + Lc, Lm, Lk, LKK. It is designed to use Pigment ink or Latex Ink and print on a wide variety of medias. Ideal for book printing, or art paper for proofing. Normal speed is around 30 sq meter per hour. We have another machine which is 2800 mm wide and using a dual headed engine to achieve this speed.

Blue Sky UV

Based on Ricoh Print heads, Blue Sky UV comes into different sizes. With the small dot size and white Ink available, it is one of the most versatile Flat bed UV machine in the market. Driving with Compose Express RIP, we can provide the most accurate color with any substrates available.

Mserin 9060 UV

Built with Epson i3200 Inkjet heads, supporting CMYK, Lc, Lm, Lk and Lkk ink to give the printer the best of its class on color quality. With an extra head available, the printer is now capable of printing white and clear varnish for packaging design and dummy proofing purposes.
Mserin 9060 UV

Gift Box Printing

Box Printer is a flexible Printer targeted for Box printing. The Ink head can be adjusted vertically to suit the height of any incoming box. Users can choose either Pigment or UV ink depending on the media used on the Box. Built for easy to operate and highly productive in mind, this box printer can be installed and start to print on the same day. Ideal for short run and frequent change of design operation.

Paper Bag Printing

Designed for short print run paper Bag printing, this printer is built in with simple to operate controlling software, allowing print patterns to be changed in seconds. All jobs are color managed to ensure  pantone color will be matched correctly. Users can choose Pigment Ink or UV Ink to meet the different substrate requirement. Fully automatic to increase productivity for any type of paper bag.

Paper Bag Printer
Why Choose Compose Digital to meet you requirement?

Coming from a long prepress background, we know clearly what a customer is expecting from a printed matter. We can offer a vendor much smoother ride, get his product to the market much sooner. 
Experience: working with a team of engineers, with average of 25 years of working experience.
Reputation: Company has been around for 30 years, we have the trust from most customers.
Guide Experience: We are happy to share with you our experience of the past.

What can Compose Digital offer you?

A free consultation, go through the machine specification making sure it will meet most of the customer expectation in the industry.
Confidentiality : We promise to keep all information to ourselves. Only authorized personal can access your product information.
Attentive support: We will assign a Project manager to follow up with your project from start to finish.
Training: we can provide operational and Color management training, keeping everyone up to date.

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