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About ColorLogic

ColorLogic has developed an extensive portfolio and a line of first class color management technologies since being founded in 2002. Our team is continually encouraged to improve product quality and create new technology to solve day to day color management challenges in order to meet the high demands of the industry. We achieve this by working closely with our trusted partners to serve our common clients in the most effective way possible while addressing the continuously changing market requirement with innovative solutions.

ColorLogic is an independent technology driven company developing first class color management technologies and products.

The founders of the Company
Our close, trusting and long-term partnerships with our technology and sales partners are very important to us, as this is the only way we can look after our mutual customers in the best possible way. Together we work on concepts and innovative solutions that enable us to actively address the changing requirements in our industry.

We are particularly proud of our international team of experts, consisting of developers and color management experts, without whom it would not have been possible for us to convert these ideas into practical solutions and to look after our customers and partners in a professional and friendly manner. This also connects us beyond our day-to-day work.

Together, with our team and our partners, we look forward to supporting our customers in the future with outstanding color-related solutions and opening up new markets.

About ColorLogic
About ColorLogic

The main ColorLogic features are:

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