Smart Impose is an innovative approach for Book imposition, it comes with a suite of applications which allows users to handle imposition according to circumstance they are in at that time. It is like you can decide how to impose, how to deal with finishing at the very last minute, making print on demand a real possibility now.

Setting up a book for printing is ever so easy now with Smart Impose!

  1. A Book is made up multiple PDF document, user just list it in sequence.
  2. Each PDF document can be edited, inserted, deleted, or re-organized any time before printing is commenced. Providing a high degree of flexibility needed for any publisher or printers wanting to get books printed with minimum restriction.
  3. When it is ready to print, users just select a way the book should be imposed according to the printing machine format that is available, or the binding method that is preferred.
  4. Press a button to start the printing operation, that is all there is to it for this modern approach of digital book printing.
Targeting to digital press, we support paper substrates either in roll or in sheet form, machine can be either inkjet, toner based, or offset.

Smart Binding Methods

Due to a great number of variations on our printing solution, we also looking into providing different binding options as well. They can be Perfect bound, saddle stitched, or section sewn.

SmartImpose Marks

We provide marks that work for all tradition titles, such as Crop Marks, Registration Marks, collation Marks, Folding and custom labels, but also marks found on digital book, such as Control Marks, spit Bars, and Barcodes. Making it one of the most comprehensive solution to tie with automatic finishing equipment.

Front and Back alignment

One of the most unique features on SmartImpose is the ability to impose pages correctly for any combination on front and back, whether it is roll fed or sheet fed printing. All created at the point of printing, giving you the biggest flexibility for choosing the paper size or binding method.

Print Ordering

This may not be so common for printing books, but the ability of changing the print ordering such as raffle tickets or lottery tickets can be a great help for binding at the final stage.

Setting up a book for printing is ever so easy now with Smart Impose!

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