Paper Bag Printer

Paper Bag Printer

A multi-purpose Printer

Our Paper Bag Printer is purposely built and designed for paper bag handling. It can be adjusted to suit different sizes of paper bags. By changing to a different feeder, it can be used to print other applications such as envelopes or beer mats. 

Designed to keep the handle of the paper bag out of the way from the printing path, paper bags are fed onto a conveyor, which is controlled to keep a constant distance from the print head, protecting the print head from accidental scratch, and bring the best printing accuracy onto the paper bag.

A sensor is used to control the start of the print, as soon as the paper bag passes through the sensor, it will initiate the printing process, allowing the automatic process to run seamlessly.

Control Software

The machine comes with a built-in RIP, performing colour management to suit the substrate and the ink, any specific colour like Pantone colour will be supported with a built-in conversion table. 

Jobs will be ripped and ready for printing in a waiting queue, allowing them to move on to another as soon as the current position is finished.

The machine is built either for water-based pigment ink or UV ink. Please get in touch with us if you need any clarification.

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