A simple Job Management solution for Labels and tag products

Managing jobs in a simple and easy way

V-Label is a simple Job management solution for printing labels of all kinds. It comes with a simple job submission system to create a job ticket for the production flow. For jobs coming in from web-to-print site we can have it automatically go into the Job database, saving the task of recreating the job ticket again.

Easy to operate

V-Label is also an application developed for versatility and ease of use in mind. We assist operators in taking the mind off managing busy schedules, focusing on the work to manage productions. 

V-Label has replaced all the frequently used printing terms with simple icons on the user interface. We standardize by using one user interface to save people from going from one place to another. Most of the icons are placed together at a convenient location to suit the working practice during production.

Submitting a job manually to the system is streamlined down to a job name, selecting the substrates, providing a print quantity, and finally the label’s artwork in pdf.

At the same time, job submission can also be submitted from the Web-to-print front-end or MIS system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Select jobs intelligently to Print

Choosing a job to print is intuitive. There are several ways you can choose the right job you want to print.

First, you choose the media type . 

After choosing a media type in a certain width, you can drag and drop the selected label job onto the layout. V-label will do the calculation and show you how this job will look like on the layout. If the media is wide enough, it will split it into two columns. If you want to print two jobs simultaneously, all you have to do is drag another job onto the layout. Then it will show you two jobs side by side.

Once you agree those were the jobs you want to print, all you have to do is finding  the Print button on the top left of the user interface. By clicking the button, you can have the job send to a printer to print and a print job report generated for record.

Taking a database approach

Jobs can be submitted via Web-to-Print front-ends, or manually submitted by operators.  
We have a built in facility to allow customers to submit jobs into our database for job planning and scheduling. Once a job is in the Job Database, V-Label will take over and arrange the job planning automatically. 

Other benefits using V-Label

  • WYSIWYG interface
  • Simple job ticket management
  • Integrated with a job printing scheduler
  • Media saving calculation
  • Report generation for Archiving
  • Ganging of multiple labels
  • Support large Print pdf files, ideal for variable data printing

Easy to understand icons

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